Veoh Reinvents Television With Latest Release Of Internet TV Peercasting Network
March 1, 2006

New video broadcasting medium allows anyone to broadcast high-quality, long-form video to millions across the globe

SAN DIEGO - March 1, 2006 - Veoh Networks, Inc., the first Internet television peercasting network, today debuted the latest version of the Veoh Network, a major evolution in Internet television. Veoh democratizes television distribution by allowing anyone with a broadband Internet connection to publish their videos to the world, without the restrictions of traditional broadcast mediums. Going beyond web-based video sharing, the Veoh 2.0 beta enables users to become true TV broadcasters that can distribute high-quality, television-length video to hundreds of millions of other broadband users.

"The early beta launch of Veoh 1.0 a few months ago was designed to test our massively scalable video distribution network and gather input from publishers and early adopters," said Dmitry Shapiro, Veoh CEO. "The response was greater than we anticipated, with more than 250,000 videos downloaded and thousands of publishers broadcasting their videos. With this latest release, we are opening the doors to the general public to access that network - for publishing and for finding content that just isn't available via other TV distribution systems.

More than 37,000 videos are already available on the Veoh Network, including hundreds of high-quality editions of public domain movies and TV shows, from Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi horror classics, to John Wayne westerns, to a grand collection of Kung Fu movies. In addition, the network features full-screen, TV-quality versions of popular video blogs such as CommandN, MacTV and Rocketboom.

Some of the key features found in Veoh 2.0 beta include:

  • Unlimited distribution capacity for full-screen, TV-grade video content available to anyone with a broadband connection, including high-definition videos.
  • Links and embedded video previews users can post on web sites, blogs and pages on sites like MySpace and Friendster.
  • User-created episodic video series, allowing any user to build a unique broadcast of their favorite videos from the entire Veoh Network catalog.
  • Subscriptions to any Veoh series, publisher or tag, automatically delivering the latest content to the Veoh client for viewing.
  • The ability for viewers and broadcasters to interact in an integrated social network, through video ratings, comments and private messages.
  • A design for use in the living room, with systems like Apple's Front Row and Microsoft's Windows Media Center.

Veoh 2.0 is available now and consists of a web site ( that is used to browse available content, watch Web previews, interact with other users and queue videos for download to the Veoh client. The Veoh client is a software application for both Windows and Mac that allows downloading, organizing and playing back higher-quality, full-screen and full-length videos on computers, televisions and portable devices.

About Veoh Networks, Inc.

San Diego-based Veoh Networks is the first Internet television peercasting network, able to reach hundreds of millions of broadband-connected viewers throughout the world. Veoh allows content producers, from video bloggers (vloggers) to motion picture studios, to deliver TV-grade, full-screen video directly to consumers, without financial, geographical or regulatory restrictions found in traditional broadcasting systems. Veoh is privately held and venture-capital funded.