Veoh Networks Launches VeohTV The Internet's New Killer Video App
June 20, 2007

– VeohTV Delivers Single Internet TV Experience for Watching All Online Video - From Major Television Networks to User-Generated Content –

SAN DIEGO, CA – June 20, 2007 – Veoh (, the leader in Internet Television, today announced the beta launch of VeohTV - a revolutionary application that builds on the success of its acclaimed Veoh Player and immediately transforms the online video landscape.

VeohTV acts as a specialized video browser and DVR (digital video recorder) for discovering, viewing and managing online video. VeohTV combines the breadth of the Internet with the simplicity of traditional TV and betters it with a patent-pending smart recommendation engine so that viewers can discover more of what they want to watch. Because VeohTV supports open Internet standards, it has access to virtually all of the content on the Internet.

"Unlike Joost, which is a closed system with content from a limited number of sources, VeohTV supports open Internet standards, and has access to virtually all of the video content on the Internet, on demand." said Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of Veoh Networks. "We asked users what they really want in their online video experience and VeohTV is the culmination of that feedback. We believe that it will be the dominant standard for online video consumption moving forward."

Industry heavyweights who have seen early versions of VeohTV have had positive reaction. "It's a great product" said Barry Diller, Chairman and CEO of Interactive Corp.

"Veoh has leapfrogged the field with their dazzling new video application, said Ross Levinsohn, former President, Fox Interactive Media. The new Veoh will set the bar very high for others to shoot for, and will be a terrific experience for consumers worldwide."

The VeohTV Experience

VeohTV presents viewers with a single interface to search, browse and view all video on the Internet, from major television networks such as Fox and CBS, to independently-produced content available on sites such as YouTube, Google Video, and MySpace. As with television, the interface is simple enough to be driven by a remote control, consistent from program to program, and displays video in a full screen TV-like experience. Key features include:

  • Channels - browse for content by channel (i.e., CBS, NBC, Road & Track channels)

  • Search - keyword search for videos from across thousands of websites

  • Favorites - subscribe to content from your favorite shows, channels, and producers, and download and store your favorite videos

  • Recommended - Veoh's advanced recommendation engine makes finding interesting content even easier by recommending videos based on user preferences and previous viewing habits

  • Interact Mode - engage with dozens of "widgets" while viewing videos. Widgets are available to access services from Amazon, eBay, Gmail, Hotmail, CraigsList, AOL, and others. Additional widgets will be added on a continuous basis.

VeohTV is Radically Simple and Convenient

Once installed on a PC, VeohTV launches into a channel guide, similar to the kind that you find in cable systems. Viewers can browse through channels or search by keywords, and watch full-screen video on demand. VeohTV users are able to stream directly from the host site or, as with a conventional DVR, click a button to download permitted videos and watch them at their leisure, either online or offline. Viewers can also simply connect their computers to their television and utilize their computer's remote control to sit-back and watch VeohTV in the comfort of their living room on their big-screen TV's.

VeohTV for Content Owners and Publishers

VeohTV was designed with content owners in mind - as a powerful marketing and distribution channel that can distinguish and prominently feature their shows to viewers. VeohTV enables viewers to access video directly from the original video owners' website, allowing content owners and licensors to count the audience and serve advertising.

Join the VeohTV beta

VeohTV beta will initially be limited. Viewers can register for an invitation to download the free software application at or


About Veoh Networks, Inc.

Veoh Networks is an innovative Internet Television company that delivers broadcast-quality video programming via the Internet.

The Veoh Networks' portfolio includes and VeohTV – a free downloadable application that turns online video into Internet Television. is an advanced video hosting and sharing site with over 70,000 content publishers – from Lions Gate, PBS, National Lampoon, Road and Track and Us Magazine to thousands of independent filmmakers and content producers – that currently attracts over 12 million unique users per month. VeohTV makes it easy to turn any computer into a digital video recorder that allows viewers to watch and record shows from thousands of Internet video sources. For advertisers, Veoh offers compelling ways of engaging with a targeted audience and measuring performance of their ad buys.

Veoh Networks is a privately held company that is backed by leading technology and media investors, including Shelter Capital Partners, Spark Capital, Goldman Sachs, Michael Eisner's Tornante Company, and Time Warner Inc. The company's principal offices are in Los Angeles and San Diego, California.


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