"Viral," Episode Eight Debuts On Veoh Networks on 12/29/06

December 29, 2006

– On This Weekג€™s ג€�Viral,ג€� Veoh Gets Infected with ג€˜MusicPlus TVג€™, ג€˜Wine Library TVג€™, and ג€˜The Strandג€™ –

SAN DIEGO, CA – December 29, 2006 – Veoh Networks (www.veoh.com), the leading innovator in Internet television, recently debuted ג€˜Viralג€™, a ground-breaking weekly Internet television news show that features exclusive news, celebrity and producer interviews, and firstג€“look sneak peeks at todayג€™s most popular shows on the Internet.

ג€˜Viralג€™ also offers tips and tricks on how to create your own Internet television show and advice on how to succeed in this exciting and emerging space.

Each Friday a new episode of ג€˜Viralג€™, hosted by award-winning broadcaster Sunny Gault, gives viewers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the world of Internet television.

This weekג€™s show, which launches on Friday, December 29, 2006, features:

  • MusicPlus TV - We go behind the scenes of MTVג€™s newest Internet competitor. Itג€™s MusicPlusTV, giving you the megastars to the barely known musicians. This week weג€™ll talk with the people who make it all possible. (www.musicplustv.com)
  • Wine Library TV - Still deciding what bottle of bubbly to buy for New Yearג€™s Eve? Gary Vaynerchuk, host of Wine Library TV, gives us some pointers on how to choose the perfect champagne for your party! (www.winelibrary.tv)
  • The Strand - The director of the Blair Witch project talks about his new Internet television series, The Strand. Dan Myrick shares why internet is the best place to find his audience. (www.strandvenice.com)
  • In-Focus - In the news... Time Magazine announces itג€™s ג€�Person of the Yearג€� and itג€™s you! Plus, information on the first Internet television conference and expo. In this weekג€™s tutorial, weג€™ll give you basic tips on how to make the editing process run a little smoother.

ג€˜Viralג€™ is produced exclusively for Veoh and helmed by executive producer and host Sunny Gault.

New episodes are available each week on www.veoh.com.


About Veoh Networks, Inc.

Veoh Networks is a new, innovative Internet television broadcasting system that delivers broadcast-quality entertainment and informational content via the Internet, using unique distribution technologies to allow for unlimited capacity for both long- and short-form programming. Veoh allows content producers from major entertainment studios and television networks to independent video producers and enthusiasts to deliver high-quality, full-screen video directly to consumers without financial, geographical or capacity restrictions found in traditional broadcasting systems. This democratization of video distribution fundamentally changes the dynamics of television, creating unprecedented choice for consumers and a compelling marketplace for content providers and advertisers. Headquartered in San Diego, California with additional offices in Los Angeles, Veoh Networks is privately held company that is backed by leading technology and media investors, including Spark Capital, Michael Eisnerג€™s Tornante Company, Time Warner Inc. and Shelter Capital Partners.


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