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18 vs 29

18 vs 29

16-episode drama aired from March 7, 2005 to April 26, 2005 by KBS2TV. Based on an internet story and written by the same person who wrote My Name is Kim Sam Soon. CAST: Yoo Hye-chan (29) - Park Sun Young: Kang Sang-young (29) - Ryu Su Young: Shin Ji-young (26) - Park Eun Hye: Kim Noon (18) - Lee Joong Moon. WRITER: Go Bong Hwang (Beautiful Temptation)/ Kim Kyung Hee, PD:: Kim Won Yong (Wife)/Ham Young Hoon (One Million Roses) SYNOPSIS: The main chracter is Yu Hyechan who is 29 years old. Hyechan is married to Kang Bongman who is her old classmate in high school whom she despised and hated because of his cocky attitude.But later she fell for him after being rejected by Shi Woo her crush. This drama takes the audience back to the 1990s. The main character of the drama, Yu Hyechan, 29, reverts mentally to an 18-year-old girl after having a car accident. As she recovers her memory and the relationship with her husband, Kang Sang-yeong, she goes through many hilarious and heart-moving moments. (KBS)

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  • Kitsuchi Kitsuchi 10 years ago

    Thank you :DD

  • mercuristarz mercuristarz 10 years ago

    This drama is so cute

  • kenshin47 kenshin47 10 years ago

    missing episode 7

  • ryusuyoung ryusuyoung 10 years ago

    sorry, just discovered that i accidentally deleted ep7...will upload it as soon as possible!

  • NannieNunnie NannieNunnie 11 years ago

    Thank you sooooo much for sharing. I really appreciate it! It´s one of my fav dramas! Thanks again.

  • digame123 digame123 11 years ago

    i die from siwon's smiles.. * heart stops *

  • kristalkat kristalkat 11 years ago

    hey does anyone like know wher i can watch "my lovely samsoon"

  • ucherry ucherry 11 years ago

    thank you ^___^

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