WPPTV (Aka Wiggle Puppy Productions TV), a division of Wiggle Puppy Productions, presents a rare and voyeuristic peek into our extensive vaults. How WPPTV Came to Be Known - Also known as our premiere online portfolio, WPPTV is Wiggle Puppy’s outlet for harvesting select nuggets from our highly venerated video vault. Our body of work largely consists of videos that were made with low to no budget. We’re lucky enough to have a handful of medium to large budgeted gigs each year which allows us the ability to give back to the music scene in the form of free or highly discounted video (often playing favorites to our Chicago Roots). This plays into Wiggle Puppy’s Core Philosophy and turns our friends on to some of the music we really dig! These videos are a mix of bands we have sought out, bands who have sought us out, fragments of our personal lives, and few long time clients! Stay tuned for more choice postings as we dig deeper into our extensive back catalog.

5 yrs ago
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