Amra Bangali (meaning "We are Bengalis") is the political party in West Bengal working to estabish a PROUT economy on the ground in that region. They work for economic and political democracy. The party works in West Bengal, Tripura, Bihar, Orissa, assam and Jharkhand - all Bengali-speaking areas. It works towards the following: (1) Restoration and development of Bengali language and culture; (2) Economic self-sufficiency; (3) Self-determination in the socio-political field; (4) Re-organization of the territory of Bengal with all like-minded people having respect for Bengali language and culture, and name this new geographical area as "Bangalistan." The Amra Bangali party is working for economic democracy based on spreading cooperatives. For this very reason, it faces direct opposition from the Communist Party in West Bengal.

6 yrs ago
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