Bio-Optic Holography Sessions

In January 2008 the first of many Bio-Optic Holography® DVDs was created by Mastery Systems. As an educational service to our community we are uploading these videos to the internet. We ask you watch these with compassion, love and see perfection while voting the persons victory. More information can be found at our website “The eyes reveal our entire life’s possibilities. We fully understand each other through our eyes (sub-consciously). In a split second, we know everything about each other. Being able to articulate what we see is the outcome of Bio-Optic®. The key to all success is being conscious of our purpose here on this planet. Understanding the eye helps us realize what we came here to be and how to be it. Remember, see perfection, ESPECIALLY IN OURSELVES. ‘Our greatest weakness shall be our greatest strength’.” Robert Tennyson Stevens

5 yrs ago
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