FEARnet, the world's premier horror destination on demand, online and on mobile devices is a cutting-edge, multi-platform horror network with an unrivaled modern horror library bringing together the nation's leading provider of cable, entertainment and communications products and services with the two top studios producing and distributing horror and movies to deliver horror fans uninterrupted fear 24/7. FEARnet On Demand, available on Comcast includes the biggest stash of thriller, killer and chiller horror titles from Sony and Lionsgate's vast film libraries. www.fearnet.com users can explore the world of the macabre on a visually arresting video-rich environment packed with movies, interactive community features and fresh original content. The site features free streaming video, download to own movies, social networks features including a "victim" profiles and chat capabilities, news and reviews and more. Http://www.FEARnet.com

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