Getting Away With Murder

Meet Seth Silver, an ordinary 25-year-old leading an extraordinary double life--balancing an unhealthy libido, a high-octane hitman lifestyle, and, most dauntingly, coping with the fact that he still lives at home...with his neurotic mother. Your run-of-the-mill vices are hard enough to sneak by when you live with your parents, and Seth here greases people for a living while his proud mother thinks he's a veterinary technician. Like most young men his age, Seth struggles, if not to establish a strong social identity, to at least ask a cute girl out for a piece of chicken, a task that can be more daunting than a flawless quadruple homicide. Shit really hits the fan when Seth finally lands a date, and, go figure--duty calls. Can Seth keep his two lives in line and save his world from imploding? Will he get away with murder?

7 yrs ago
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