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Haltom, Texas, US
10 years ago
about me:
I'm 19 and a freshman in college.
I like to play computer games in my spare time like FPS games. I'm also a tennis player and enjoy going to the mall with my friends. I like cars n girls like every other guy lol. I'm really into martial art as well.
I like to watch football and support my home team woot how bout dem Cowboys. I enjoy watching anime, any kind of drama, UFC, and Pride Fighting.
I like action movie where thing blow up or lots of fight scene. I hate movie that talks a lot and it drag out the plot, i usually fall asleep watching those type.
Hip-hop, trance/techno, rock, etc... well i listen to everything except country.

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  • Rafa-Shuker Rafa-Shuker 9 years ago

    hey awesome human weapon videos man. do you hav the muay thai one though? that would be awesome if you did. if not don't worry though, cause thanks for the others. cheers

  • 2c00l 2c00l 10 years ago

    thanks for the Human Weapon videos man. Although i was wondering if you could get Episode 9 of Human Weapon uploaded. its about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and i cant seem to find it anywhere.

  • gr81 gr81 10 years ago

    thanks man 4 the Human weapon

  • Gray118 Gray118 10 years ago

    Thanks for the uploads man!

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