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Rome, IT
11 years ago
about me:
I want to be a dubber and can be the dubber of Miaka Yuki (from Fushigi Yugi) in the italian life it's only dub!! (*///*)

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  • baljap baljap 9 years ago

    I'm also veeeery very interested by "Himechan's Ribbon"...especially now that it's extremely difficult to find the videos in Japanese! Please upload the next episodes...XD

  • Frostbitezero Frostbitezero 10 years ago

    i hope you enjoyed the video

  • nicole1martin nicole1martin 10 years ago

    Please try to upload more episodes of Hime-chan no ribbon. I like this show =) . I would be very happy if you can =) ! And you right Fruits Basket is a great anime. I don't finish it yet... But Kyo and toru are already my favourites charakters,too. =D (*sorry for the long comment*)

  • hinata64 hinata64 10 years ago

    plz I BEGG U !!!!!!plz upload hime-chan no ribbon +15 if u can !!!!!!!!it'l b SO awsome if u did !!!!arigatou 4 uploadin the 1s that you already uploaded !!!!

  • montanafreeza montanafreeza 10 years ago

    hi i was wondering if you could load episode 15 and above or whatever episodes you can of hime chan no ribbon i really want to see what happens thanx