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Point to the Planet Shaker.

Perth, WA, AU
12 years ago
Being a Christian, Japanese Anima.
Digimon, Buffy. Angel. Charmed.
Twilight, Narnia, Eragon and Madagascar.
Planet Shakers, Tsukiko Amano and Utada Hikaru.

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  • JessieSimone JessieSimone 10 years ago

    No sorry

  • HinataHearted HinataHearted 10 years ago

    hiiii ^^; don't mean to bother u, but do u still have that website with all the fatal frame 2 clips? I lost the link x__x;

  • HinataHearted HinataHearted 11 years ago

    wow 0.0 that was really nice!! All the clips u sent me 0.0 wow!! wow!! Thanks!! Thanks so much!!

  • HinataHearted HinataHearted 11 years ago

    can u maybe upload some fatal frame clips...? I asked b4 but u never replyed... If u don't want to... can u at least upload the ending to the first one... please ^.^ Sorry...

  • SliverDragonGirl SliverDragonGirl 12 years ago

    will u be my friend

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