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"This is the strangest life I've ever known" -- Jim Morrison

Dan A.K.A. Buddha A.K.A. Buddha420Christ
La grange, IL, US
12 years ago
about me:
2 plus years have passed, im 28 now, soon to be 29, last i checked this i said i was 26. too long has passed, someday i'll return to uploading videos when the time in my life calls for it. till then, enjoy what I do hav up, nad keep leaving requests so whenever i do return, i'll have some projects to look forward to. signed -buddha420christ-

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  • GossipGurru-1 GossipGurru-1 10 years ago

    hey man i love Jim Morrison and the doors

  • pizmeyer pizmeyer 10 years ago

    You are doing it for the good people who still exist!

  • elopal elopal 10 years ago

    Can u Moody Bluse

  • limmis limmis 11 years ago

    Verry nice collection, hope you'll find many more yet then!

  • manner18 manner18 12 years ago

    yeah!!!! a friend nice doors picture its rockin