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  • 2010's New Anime Zone 2010's New Anime Zone

    This group is for all the bad ass CURRENTLY AIRING anime out there! So post and discuss anything and everything about which ever of them u think is the best, worst, funniest, saddest, or just comment on the new episode!!! Only LATEST episodes and NO repeats, thanks! ^^

    13 mos ago
  • A place to ask questions, share editing software, and post links to images. If you're having trouble with your profile (making boxes invisible, changing text colors, etc.) don't forget to visit Shishio's Profile group!

    2 mos ago
  • Assorted Anime Assorted Anime

    All time favorite eng sub/dub anime. There's lots of assorted tastes in the world and this group will try to include them all. Add all your favs. I'll also be posting some custom background codes, feel free to try em out or post your own.

    16 mos ago
  • All About Anime All About Anime

    Every thing about anime. Talk about your favorite animes and watch vids of your favorite anime. Make new friends too. Watching a good anime? Post it here! Want a new anime to watch? Hello? Just ask. This group is... ALL ABOUT ANIME. xD

    3 yrs ago
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When I go forwards you go backwards and somewhere we will meet.

Laura or Leffy or whatever u wanna call me dear
I'm the weird creep walking behind you, laughin like a maniac. Try and find me., FI
10 years ago
about me:
I'm just a crazy anime/manga fan with huge obsession with everything dark and twisted..Yaoi is fun too ^^
Art is my passion just like books,movies & animals. I love anime/manga/asian dramas. Btw Tyki Mikk is all mine. He's my god & so is Atsushi Sakurai. He's gorgeous. I'll luv him 4eva!
Lost,House,Heroes,Grey's Anatomy,Desperate Housewifes,Asian dramas & anime.Favs are Paradise Kiss,Nana,D.Gray Man<3,Bleach,XXXHolic.
Anime addicted! 5 Centimeters per Second, A Girl Who Leapt Through Time,Vampire Hunter D~Bloodlust. Huge Johnny Depp/Tim Burton fan.Edward Scissorhands<3, Superbad,Chocolat. Big Fish,A Clockwork Orange,Moulin Rouge,Austin Powers,Stand By Me, The Shining
Buck-Tick,Metallica,Muse,Massive Attack,Depeche Mode,Radiohead,Coldplay,A Perfect Circle,Von Hertzen Brothers,Nirvana,Queen,X-Japan,Shikao Suga,Olivia Lufkin,Anime OST & Buck-Tick over & over again!!! luving Acchan's Ai no Wakusei!

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  • Ninilly Ninilly 8 years ago

    hello ~ it's ninilly from the 10 roses club if you remember me XD I've tried to get in contact with the members again, but with out any result... T^T

  • gens59 gens59 8 years ago

    hi liffy what up i use this website when i got email from another friend from vioh here Website: http://www.taltopia.com/telapia

  • gens59 gens59 8 years ago

    hi leffylee what sup it's me gens59..

  • jurnel jurnel 9 years ago

    pffffft lol ill blow u away wiv my high tech doggy mobile :P HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! n aww here its been hot 24/7 lol wish wud rain alil here lol n yea ikno i got m ycomp bk lol tho was so boring wiv out it lolwas dying over here o.O anyways lol howsit goin?? lol hope ur summer gotten lil bter n stuff?? ^^ n aww thas a good thing lol u thinking bout nature lol ^___^ means u cnt hurt me either :P HAHA!!! lol

  • janika1993 janika1993 9 years ago

    The weather has been nice for a week or so. Sun has shined brightly and it's been warmer than before. But if i could complain a little more i'd like to say that this is no summer weather even though the sun is up in the sky. Something is still missing. How about there?^^