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11 years ago

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  • trader114 trader114 11 years ago

    I will explain it again for those of you slow on the up tick. Stop writing these people suggesting what they should be doing. They know exactly what they are doing, this is a commercial spammer flooding the site with their weekly NCAA clips. No private user has this capacity to do this!! Do something constructive and contact Veoh and get them off this site and their ISP blocked or you will be scrolling through 700 or 800 10 second clips every week!

  • trader114 trader114 11 years ago

    This guy is an asshole and this could be a commercial subscriber. We need to get him off the site before he jams it up beyond use. No one does this by accident or ignorance. Looks like he is trying to sink the site. Everyone get on his case and get him off here!!!!!!!!

  • zakimonster zakimonster 11 years ago


  • blotcky blotcky 11 years ago

    Gping through 639 10-20 second videos for highlights is insane! Were that many ganes played? Do you think people want to watch tiny fragments downloaded one at a time? And if someone wants to watch cheerleaders or crowds in the stands wouldn't they want to see them all? At least bundle them by conference and Division.

  • ch607 ch607 11 years ago

    Dude, no one cares. This is a video site that mainly posts anime. Nobody gives a shit about your little punk-ass 3 second long football videos.