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  • Lum: "Season 2 of the fabulous Urusei Yatsura! t'cha" Ataru: "New babes!" Lum: "DARLING! You're still womanizing t'cha!!!" Shinobu: "Created by Rumiko Takahashi" Mendou: "Who also created Ranma 1/2 and InuYasha" Lum: "Darling, I want to go on a date t'cha..." Ataru: "What???" Lum: "You're taking me on a date this season! t'cha!" Ataru: *falls anime style* "N-No way!" Lum: "DARLING! If you don't, I'll tear up your book of phone numbers t'cha. I won't help you with your homework, I won't share my lunch with you, don't you care? :p" Ataru: "Hmm... I promise we'll go out another season." Lum: "No, you're taking me out THIS season!"

    5 yrs ago
  • The number one anime series of its time. Number one of all in my book. Urusei Yatsura or "Those Obnoxious Aliens" is one of Rumiko Takahashi's greatest works followed by Ranma and InuYasha. This is a great series and I hope you enjoy it.

    5 yrs ago
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11 years ago
about me:
Urusei Yatsura: Seasons 1 and 2: NeoYatsura -------------------------- Seasons 3 and 4: UruseiNeo ------------------------------------------------ Seasons 5 and 6: LumUrusei ----------------------------------------------- Seasons 7 to 9: FinalInvader ------------------------------------------------ OVAs: Neo1Fox --------------------------------------------------------------- Movies: UYMovies
Video Games, watching Urusei Yatsura and uploading it, Mathematics, etc.
In fav order Anime: Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, InuYasha, etc. Non-anime: Lost, 24, The Office, My Name is Earl, House, Heroes
Fav order: One Day One Dream, Lum no Love, Jajauma ni Sasenaide

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  • johnvideo johnvideo 9 years ago

    Hey! I click on your "Urusei Yatsura" season 1 videos and they don't have episode 1 -- What gives? How does the series start? ... Can you upload episode 1

  • moopoop moopoop 10 years ago

    Thnkx for uploading Urusei Yatsura one of my fav animes

  • technovelo technovelo 10 years ago

    Thanks so much for uploading UY!

  • Steelpeanut Steelpeanut 10 years ago

    r there english dubbed episodes of urusei yatsura

  • bazua bazua 11 years ago

    yeah homie me too i love this series and i been looking for it a long ass time. are going to upload all the episodes? i m going to send you a friend request. please accept it