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Redwood Falls, MN, US
11 years ago

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  • Stacynobb Stacynobb 10 years ago

    Hi everybody!! For the hard core Eureka seven fans out there. I've got news for you! Can you spell MOVIE!!!!!! If you want to know more drop me a comment or send me a message!

  • bikerkid1900 bikerkid1900 10 years ago

    yo on your town called hypocricy AMV it says "Creator Nirvash 2010" and your sextron is that your youtube name or something? or are you just taking credit for his work?

  • acesformoney acesformoney 10 years ago

    hey, ive got a request for an make it myself but idk how, i was thinking maybe one featuring eureka and renton, along with dominic and anemone to the song carousel by buckcherry. its just a thought, but i think itd b really good, and i liked ur other, later.

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