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11 years ago

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  • NNMMGG NNMMGG 11 years ago


  • DramaGal DramaGal 11 years ago

    hey! i really want to c haken no hinkaku...but they arent in english subtitles....could u please sub them? thanxs ^^ and sorrie for the trouble =/

  • unusualgyu unusualgyu 11 years ago

    could you possibly repost your Haken no Hinkaku series? After downloading them I noticed that all the videos after episode 2 are corrupted and have disfigured resolution. If you could fix that it'd be great.

  • kaizor88 kaizor88 11 years ago

    thanks for the series do you have the last episode? I'm looking forward to it thanks anyway

  • nikko29 nikko29 11 years ago

    next ep plss