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  • Huan Zhu Ge Ge is a drama that captured the heart of Asia and catapulted its stars into overnight stardom. Set in the reign of Emperor Qianlong during the Qing dynasty, it follows the story of Xiao Yan Zi, a fun-loving commoner girl who mistakenly becomes a princess at the Forbidden City. Adventures abound as she cheeks the Emperor, becomes sworn enemies with the Empress, befriends the Fifth Prince, defies decorum, antagonizes her teacher, and drags all her friends into mischief and merry-making. What will become of Xiao Yan Zi should the Emperor find out that she’s not really his daughter? Will she escape with her head intact? Find out in the magical story of Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Get this @ d-addicts.com

    6 yrs ago
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11 years ago
about me:
HZGG Team provides high quality Huan Zhu Ge Ge subs to the English speaking drama fan community~ This is our veoh channel, where we'll be officially ULing our releases for streaming. to DL these files to your computer, go to hzggteam.wordpress.com for links! Thanks for watching!

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  • sirjoe1 sirjoe1 7 years ago

    Thanks for the awesome eng subs ! :D You guys are awesome! Will you guys be doing the same for season 2? :)

  • kikiyippie kikiyippie 7 years ago

    Hey sweeties I finished and LOVED the 1st season is it possible if you guys upload the second season with subs??? Thank You guys SOOO much for your hard work!

  • trinaever21 trinaever21 7 years ago

    hi i just finshed the 1st series i love this drama thanks soooo much for subson bing it cant wait for the next season i will b checking up everyday 2 c if new epi have been uploaded

  • oceanid91 oceanid91 7 years ago

    Hi.. Thank you so much for uploading this drama.. I've been finding it for ages... will you be uploading the next season {after episode 23} with the english subtitles soon??? Thanks!

  • Injinism Injinism 8 years ago

    hi, thanks so much for uploading and putting so much effort in it. Although it was filmed a lot time ago, it was still one of the best drama series. Looking forward to season 2. Many thanks, injin. :D