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Atlanta, GA, US
10 years ago
about me:
I'm a 17 Year Old Superstar. I like to Play Xbox Live with my niggaz. LOL
Music, Anime, Internet, I don't know.
Death Note, South Park, Boondocks, Family Guy.
Paid In Full, Friday, Jumpers, The Matrix.
Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie, Shawty Lo

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  • SouljaBoyX SouljaBoyX 9 years ago

    so soulja wats your gamer tag pro

  • DIGIDOO DIGIDOO 10 years ago

    Whats GoOD Soulja BOy? This ya Boy DIGIDOO (pronounced DIGGIE_DO) New R&B Singer out of Montgomery Alabama! I was on the Red Carpet with you in Atlanta at the Hip Hop Awards 07'. We got a new Dance out called the "BAMA STEP" and you are now featured on it! And people are going crazy over it! Check it out and get back at me! God Bless! ~DIGIDOO~

  • Jade108 Jade108 10 years ago

    Wanna be freinds?

  • TerrelliRepSODMG TerrelliRepSODMG 10 years ago

    Can you add me |

  • CoRecords11534 CoRecords11534 10 years ago

    hey dog why you have not added any videos here man we need something to look at all we have to look at is kenny chesly videos and dont get me wrong its ok and all but im black and i dont wanna see no country music