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The internet is all about free porn, expressing your views, art, free movies (old and new), and free music.

Tucson, Arizona, US
11 years ago
about me:
I'm 33, when I grow up I wanna be a writer.
All of the above. I enjoy meeting people, if your reading this hit me up.
Look at my favorites, I'm a freak! but right now, I'm really into Pain Killer Jane, Hyperdrive, oh and porn.
Holy shit Die Hard 4.0 was actually good.
I like it all, pends on mood but a good fall back is Jazz

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  • Aruex Aruex 10 years ago

    Thanks for the comment! There's a new cartoon up for your enjoyment. Watch it, love it, share it. :)

  • moniqaf moniqaf 10 years ago

    thanks ^_~

  • mleria mleria 10 years ago

    why thank you ^^

  • TheVirginianVirgo TheVirginianVirgo 10 years ago

    OMG. thanks for favoriting my video. I didn't think anyone would watch it. Wow, what did you like about it?

  • sillygillman sillygillman 11 years ago

    thanks 4 the support

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