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Guatemala, GT
12 years ago

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  • jr0904 jr0904 11 years ago

    thanks for the request

  • 99redmon 99redmon 11 years ago

    hey VEOH is begining to suck again by making people watch videos about a half hour long or longer to make people watch it on veoh TV OR down load them and 4 some reason i have to change my user icon every 5 mins

  • WickedBear713 WickedBear713 11 years ago

    Thnx 4 acceptin, My favs is between Choji n Rock Lee. Choji cuz hes always tha undeerdog but is always there 2 do his best. Rock Lee cuz of that hell he went through n how he became better 4 it.

  • WickedBear713 WickedBear713 11 years ago

    Great pic, I sent u a friend request. If u accept, thats great, if u don't, thats cool. Later!

  • dubhe92 dubhe92 11 years ago

    thanks 4 accept! Yeah I like yaoi too!! :D anyway wath's your favorit anime?? and how are you?