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12 years ago

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  • campslasher4 campslasher4 10 years ago

    I am a big fan of Big Brother, the 6th season is my favorite season and I am watching it again for the first time since it aired. I also really liked the 10th season but I have seen all the seasons and I love the show. The 8th season was my least favorite. I hated Dick and his daughter; I like them more now because they did play the smartest game but they were playing it with the dumbest houseguests in Big Brother history. They let a daughter & father team get to the end and even get final 2. I liked the Americas Player but didn’t find it fair that a houseguest could interfere with the game. Thanks for all the great Big Brother videos.

  • risarisarisa risarisarisa 11 years ago

    where did your bb7 episodes go?

  • SeekingVendetta SeekingVendetta 11 years ago

    Thanks for accepting my friend request, BB6 was a awesome season =)

  • coco123456789 coco123456789 11 years ago

    plz add big brother 7 plz

  • dcrelatives dcrelatives 12 years ago

    I like winelle