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5 years ago

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  • D-YamatoUploaders D-YamatoUploaders 4 years ago

    Alot licensing occurring a.t.m. check back in.

  • ReiUploaders ReiUploaders 4 years ago

  • DaisukeDateUploaders2 DaisukeDateUploaders2 4 years ago

    You know me, I can wait on anything.

  • -D-Yamato- -D-Yamato- 4 years ago

    A few more letters I'll be putting out here. The Anime Network is monitoring this website as I heard that H.O.T.D. is being removed. Keeping you posted because I have to remove them as I was informed when I was over there. Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girl has the same treatment after the series is finished.

  • GrimReaperLordofTimeUploaders GrimReaperLordofTimeUploaders 4 years ago

    Send us a note/message if you need somethin' again.