Watch Free Online Movies

Internet television has brought us the convenience of watching movies online, in the comfort of our own homes. With Veoh's technology, you can now watch free online movies in their feature-length versions and in high resolution!

Unlike other streaming sites that offer limited choices for free movies to watch online, Veoh offers you movies with no limits on file size, lengths or resolutions.

Movies Free Online - So Many Choices

On Veoh, you can choose among different genres of free movies to watch online. We offer cult classics, action flicks, horror films and more. These free movies vary in length; some are just a couple of minutes long while others can take three hours or more to watch.

Watching Movies on Veoh Player

Some Veoh movies require you to download the Veoh player before you can watch the full version, but you get to see a five-minute preview of the movie first. Just like any other movie player, the Veoh player allows you to watch free online movies from your computer. It also makes your movie-watching experience even more rewarding with its full-screen DVD quality display/resolution.

Veoh Technology - Peercasting Network

What sets Veoh apart from other video and streaming sites is our peercasting network which distributes video clip content in its original format rather than transcoding it to a lower bandwidth or lower quality version. This technology also offers the benefit of less bandwidth costs even if two or more computers are used simultaneously.

Social Interaction as You Watch Movies Free Online

Veoh brings you and your friends together for a unique, interactive experience as you watch free movies online. Through our signature social feature which you can use through the "Share Live with Friends" tab on the Veoh player, you can share media with friends in a special content room and interact with them in real time through instant messaging, voice chat and live webcams. You can even create your own 3D animated avatars, too!

Veoh also allows you to watch movies from your computer which other people have uploaded. This gives you an even wider selection of free online movies to choose from.

Join the Veoh community today and bask in free movie entertainment from your own home!