vLog_29: 5th Ave. Apple (mac) Store NYC

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I was at the last store opening in Soho, what was that 2002 or something??> I thought that was a big deal seeing that the line stretched in both directions around the block... I never got to see the end of either line but thought that big crowd was cool. Seriously guys that Opening has nothing on this new opening... I arrived at the store at 5:40 - I brought my video camera so you guys will be able to see some footage of the atmosphere outside before the first person entered the store. As i walked up 5th avenue I was on like 58th street (the store is on 59th) I heard cheers and was like oooh boy this is going to be huge... I saw that everything was blocked off ... in the surrounding block. I mean I walked the length between 59th & 60th saw that the crowd wrapped around the block... IT DIDNT STOP THERE!!! it crossed the street and then wrapped around that street as well, someone later mentioned that it went up to the length of about 6 FREAKN blocks, which kind of shocked me, because I wasn't expecting the crowd to be as big as it was. I have been going to Mac World every year since 1998 in both New York and San Fran, and let me tell you, none of those lines will ever compare to this one. I was a bit taken back ... I interviewd so many people who had said that they had been in line for about 3 hours For those of you who want a bit of perspective The Apple Cube (store) is an enterence way that goes downstairs into a basement area. It is directly across the street from Central Park, Right in the same complex as FAO Swartz, and directly across the street from Bergdorf Goodman. Outside of Times Square this is probably the most regularly visited location in the City. Its strategically placed & no one is going to miss it... The first celebrity sighting of the night ... I saw a friend of mine in line and he was like "HEY Man DID u just get him" ... I'm like get who... Steve Jobs ... I"m like what do you mean... He just walked right by you like 30 seconds ago... I'm like No Way- AWWWEEE are you kidding me ... he goes s...
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