Haley's Act, Public Contact with Exotic Cats

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REXANO, Responsible Exotic Animal Ownership,is committed to protect the rights of animal owners. WE support responsible private ownership of exotic animals in any form, be it non commercial pet or sanctuary, as well as commercial breeder or exhibitor. We want to assist in securing fair industry standards and to prevent more unfair and unnecessary bans and regulations to happen again by providing you with tools, research and statistics to disprove the claims perpetuated by extreme animal rights, AR, groups in the media of these animals as being a public safety issue. While we support reasonable industry regulations protecting animal welfare and human safety (just as double gate and perimeter fence law for big carnivores), we strongly oppose outright bans or extreme regulations requirements or no grandfathering clause.

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REXANO Objects to 'Federal Government Attack on Big Cats', and its' Attempt to pass H.R. 1947 to Outlaw Public Touching of a Tiger, Leopard, Jaguar, Cheetah, Liger, Cougar or Lion Cub.
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Kids- The Future Survival of Wild and Exotic Animals
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