CITADEL® DUNGEONS OF WAR (Live in Hollywood)

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Citadel ® Since 1979 - Indie from the start!

Citadel - Since 1979 - Indie from the start, indie from the heart! It never even used to be a commonly used word. That word used in identifying self publication of a musical band, underground rag, filmmaker, theatre troupe, etc. Citadel has been INDIE from the start, before it was the edgy, cool, artistic purist thing to be - there was no other way to escape... Pioneers in sound, video and a nexus for festivals featuring music outside the boundries (Progfest, etc.), 28 years strong - Citadel. See and hear for yourself, the Whitman's in whatever generation or incarnation of the band, are the ultimate indie genre-busting folk rock prog metal symphonic art concept band! Citadel is a registered tradename, all rights reserved. Visit for more links into the Citadel Galactic Expanse!

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DUNGEONS OF WAR ©G. Whitman (BMI) I have seen the faces of eyes that have turned to walk away, a trembling hand upon the hilt the skies of blue turn to a dismal grey Many feet in a foreign land many banners raised This I’ve seen, & shall see again, unless the faults of mankind are erased! Away from the Dungeons (of War) where the fire falls like rain! And how many lives are spent in a mask of flaming pain? In need of a reason they shall stain the sinner’s sword With futile hopes of gaining a crown as the ‘just’ reward Tears are shed over brothers lost half a man never feels the same The hands still clean of the men behind the scenes of satan’s games I have seen the faces of those who’ll never really walk away Empty Stares, a bleeding heart, & vengeance stored ‘till the final day Citadel® is a registered tradename - on iTunes, CDBaby, etc - All rights reserved.
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