Brainiac Science Abuse S02E03

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Brainiac Science Abuse

Gotta love the science.

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First aired: 9/16/2004 Richard Hammond finds out whether or not you can you really smell fear? We put more things we shouldn't inside a microwave oven. We make snooker interesting with the help of Quintin Hann, 6 caravans and some propane gas. Is it possible to drink lager whilst being electrocuted? Can an increase in testosterone make a wimp well 'ard. Status Quo put the rock and roll into acoustic science. We check out more things Jon Tickle's body can't do. Charlotte Hudson is on hand to help a member of the public ' do science'. The Homer Simpson of science Dr Bunhead takes his lab to the local - and gets barred! And your chance to vote and win a starring role on Brainiac with Explosive of the week.
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