Women’s Labor: Mass Production & Factory Conditions (1931)

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According to this film, machinery has revolutionized production. The processes that used to take days of labor can be finished exponentially faster with a machine. The Women’s Bureau of the US Department of Labor reports that women commonly work in garment factories, shoe factories, machines shops, and textile mills. The Federal Government and the Women’s Bureau are constantly monitoring for low pay, poor working condition, needless hiring and firing, and industrial injuries. Factories are mandated to provide decent pay, eight daily hours of work, correct working conditions, seats, a lunch area and bathrooms for workers, and to be safety conscious in their decisions. Productivity has skyrocketed and so has efficiency. Machines have changed everything the world has seen in production; however, without a plan and system of supervision and promotions, this system will not last. See the full length: www.qualityinformationpublishers.com
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