[071015] DBSK in Thailand via tv program "jamook mod"

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any clips of DBSK/THSK/TVXQ and Super Junior that I have, I upload here. Try to avoid repetition with other channel so see it as your alternative one. ^^

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This is the most scandalous TV program as the MC says that DBSK members, except JJ, are not handsome and other joking things. And there is such a huge wave by Thai cassie scolding at the program and the MC. However, he already express his most sincere apology to the fans. So let it go, inter and korean cassies too, please. I just want to show how much support the Thai fans have shown for DBSK. They wait since 3am while DBSK comes at 5pm, about 10000 fans are there just to see them for a short while. Almost all wear red t-shirt to show the support. Some wait during the rain and hot sun, some faint and need to go to hospital. All these are just for the very moment to see them no more than half an hour. No sub. Credit Thai TVXQ forum (sorry I forgot your account, you can leave your name as comment and I will credit you, ok?)
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