Outer Limits - In the Blood - 7x11

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The episode opens with Callie Whitehorse Landau (Irene Bedard), an astrophysicist of Navajo heritage, and her husband Alec (Cameron Daddo), an expert in space medicine, discussing their recent loss of their unborn child "Amanda", to a spontaneous abortion. Shortly after this scene, they are visited by NASA Flight Crew Director James Dreeden (Greg Evigan) and are asked to embark on an astounding exploratory mission through an apparent rip in time and space. Along with Dr. Louisa Kennedy (Helene Joy), a navigation expert, the small team of four passes through a quantum hole torn into the very fabric of the universe and enter another continuum, a trans-space just beneath its surface. It is unlike anything the crew has ever seen — but for Callie, trans-space triggers vivid hallucinations and a powerful realization that their presence has caused a serious imbalance in the universal order.
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