Justice League of America #21, Scalped #17, Daredevil #107, and Mailbag

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Up first it's a review of Justice League of America #21. Alex draws attention to the special "Sightings" branding that this DC title got, and what it means. Next the guys it's Scalped #17. All the guys love this title, and Alex likens it to "The Sporanos" on a Native American reservation. Then it's a review of the return of Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka to Marvel's Daredevil. Everybody feels like the return of Greg Rucka in particlar has made the title even better. During then Speed Round the guys check out Dresden Files #2, The Perhapanauts #2, Bomb Queen: The Divine Comedy #1, Burn #1, and X-Men Divided We Stand #2. Finishing up it's another great edition of Viewer Mailbag, the portion of The Stack where Alex, Justin, and Pete answer your questions. Today the guys talk about art in comics being compared to more traditional forms of art. Be sure to catch The Stack three times a week and send your questions and comments to tips@pulpsecret.com!
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