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Home & Away

Kaede is good at heart and finds it difficult to refuse favors asked of her. And then she’s got no sense of direction. On her travels, due to the whims of the gods, she gets involved in one calamity after another, but is able to give happiness to people who call on her for aid. For the people she meets up with, she seems to be an angel who brings happiness from somewhere and then goes silently on her way.She actually just wants to go home, but with all the things happening to her, home seems farther and farther away. Will she be able to return home by her wedding day, which is just a month away? How long will this calamitous journey of self-discovery continue?

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After suddenly being caught up in several freak mishaps on the way home from a trip, Kaede finds herself stranded in all sorts of unfamiliar places throughout the country. She meets many people along the way; some ask for help, some are in pain, and others sad. Seeing this, Kaede begins to help them, and brings a little more happiness to the lives of each one. To those that she comes in contact with, Kaede is like an angel, who leaves after her deed is done. But to Kaede, it is not like that-all she wants to do is go home.
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Home & Away [jdrama] Ep6 (2 of 2).avi
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