What is Innovation? Luigi Orsi Carbone

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The TOP-IX Development Program launches TwentyFour / 7 Innovation, the event fully committed to discuss new models, experiences and instruments for successful web-based businesses. Globalization and the Internet strongly change economic, social and cultural systems shaping new industrial dynamics where innovating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is the only way to survive. In this context, new approaches to support seed entrepreneurship and early stage ventures based on web 2.0 principles appear to be the only way to cope with this stream of change.

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Luigi is an entrepreneur and advisor in the development of innovative fast grow initiatives in tmt and energy sectors. He is President of Skebby, a newly created mobile application virtual network operator, and board member of Heat&Power, an early stage in the microcogeneration ESCo. Luigi was founder and CEO of ePlanet (today Retelit)
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