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If you got questions or if you wish to see a special Video in this channel let me know. I will do my best to realize your ideas :) ;) The political developments of our Time are difficult to understand.. if you want to get a whole new view on the political Events we saw and the politival Events we are going to face this is YOUR CHANNEL! The Informations you can get here are free, independend and not whitewashed trough our corrupt Media...its powerfull information you have to see. Everything you see here arent "Conspiracy Theories" because everything you see here are FACTS admitted by our Goverments. I hope you enjoy this channel and i hope you can take the time to watch this Documentations that will help you understand why WE ALL ARE IN DANGER! Become a Truthseeker!

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The original Loose Change and Loose Change 2nd Edition have been viewed at least 50 million times over the Internet, making it one of the most watched movies in history, but the Final Cut goes above and beyond, making it not simply the third in a trilogy but a completely new film with oodles of unseen footage, commentary, interviews and eyewitness testimony. In an effort to be the catalyst for a new independent investigation of 9/11, the film features new and exclusive interviews with firefighters, EMT's, first responders and other officials who were all eyewitnesses to multiple secondary explosions in the twin towers and around the ground zero area.
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