WotLK: Azjol-Nerub

by: Devlin- [6 videos »]

WotLK: Azjol-Nerub -------------------------------------------- This is a movie I've made to show the instance Azjol-Nerub. It is the kingdom of the Nerubians, and the leader, Anub'arak, is an ally of the Lich King. The movie features a small cinematic intro followed by the bossfights, shown through gameplay by me on my rogue. This is probably the best looking instance so far, in my opinion. I just love the Nerubian architecture! Hope you enjoy this preview! Music -------------------------------------------- X-ray Dog - Cyberworld X-ray Dog - String Tek X-ray Dog - Lesser Evil Contact -------------------------------------------- #iron-edge @ quakenet.org www.iron-edge.co.uk devlin.warcraftmovies.com
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