Beijing Olympics: Elderly Protest Applicants "Disturbing Public Order"

by: longmushao8350

Two elderly women in Beijing have been dealt a harsh sentence for applying for a permit to protest during the Olympics. Neighbors Wu Dianyuan, age 79, and Wang Xiuying, age 77, were forcibly evicted from their homes in 2001. They thought the special protest zones set up during the Olympics would give them a chance to air their grievances. On August 5 this year, they went to the Public Security Bureau to apply for permission to protest. They were interrogated for 10 hours but were ultimately unsuccessful. So they kept going back, and each time they were neither approved nor denied. On their fourth visit, the two women were sentenced to a one-year term of "re-education through labor" for so-called "disturbing the public order." According to the written order, Wu and Wang do not have to serve the one-year term inside a labor camp as long as they follow regulations restricting their movement and don't apply to protest again. But they still went back the next day to ask about their application. Police told them they are no longer allowed to apply. Mrs. Wu's son told the Associated Press, "Wang Xiuying is almost blind and crippled. What sort of re-education through labor can she serve? But they can also be taken away at any time." Other Recommended links: 2. Beijing Reporters, Tear Down This Firewall (and How To) 2. Google Caught Censoring Net, Says Hacker 3. False Fire:
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