18 street gang El Salvador

by: atequin

18 street gang. prison meeting in CHALATE PRISON EL SALVADOR. 18ST histoy:The Largest Gang In The Nation Walk side by side with 18 st, the deadliest gang in California, and one of it's most notorious cliques who've been actively embroiled in bloody wars with both CRIP & BLOOD sets in one of LA's most violent neighborhoods. The Eighteenth Street gang is comprised mostly of Chicano and Mexican gang members. It is estimated that it is the largest gang in the United States with over 25,000 members in Los Angeles County alone. The Eighteenth Street gang has its origins in a Los Angeles gang known as the Clanton Street Gang (named after the street around which the gang was centered). In the 1940's, Clanton Street (the street name) was changed to 14th Place due to the high number of Zuit Suit Pachucos 'hanging-out'. The Clanton gang was active in Los Angeles for decades and was comprised of several generations of well-established Mexican-Americans, i.e. they were not recent immigrants; More recent Mexican immigrants and Chicanos wanted to join Clanton but were rejected. From these rejects the Eighteenth Street gang was born. It has since grown to be U.S.A's largest street gang, with membership in the thousands at the start of the gang. While the majority of the gang's activities occur in Los Angeles, the gang is active throughout the United States and in other countries. Currently it is known to exist in Europe, Canada, Peru, Australia, and several Asian Countries. Members of the gang frequently tattoo "18" or "XV3" on their bodies and, sometimes, all over their body. The gang is divided into 6 subsets or 'sides': North, East, South, West,Central Side and South Central Los Angeles. In addition i'd like to add my own insight and observations to this gangs history. Many so-called gang experts out of ignorance and lack of street knowlege would have you believe that 18 st comprises of a collection of small gangs that some how are allies, establishing one mega gang. This is could not be further from the truth. In actuallity
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