Sustainable Development A Sinister Hidden Agenda for The World

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Eurosceptics talk about the European Union and its designs to dominate and control all of Europe. The EU is undemocratic and has reached its current state through lies, deceit, and stealth. People here describe and point out just how this has been done and what must be done to undo the damage it has caused.

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Sustainable Development is an innocuous sounding name being rather vague. The end result of following its implications where they are using it with the tools of the Global Warming con and Political Correctness etc, is to manipulate and bully us through their goal of Communitarianism. Somewhere along the way, Prescott tagged on to the agenda and applied it to the UK. The Agenda was begun before Prescott through his office of DPM and applied along with Common Purpose and Regionalisation. Robert Theobald is has a large working knowledge of the subject. He does his best here to explain a very abstract subject.
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