(NEW LINK INSIDE) Eye of the Tiger (Stupidly MUTED)

by: dogfoodnyc

EDIT - 2-3-2009 I forgot that I posted the same video on GT.com - Here is the link: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermovies/278670.html EDIT - 1-5-09 This is retarded! This video was flagged and removed by Youtube Copyright rules because the first 30 seconds of my video I used A7F's Afterlife. I didn't even have the option to partially mute the video. So I decided to MUTE it COMPLETELY. GUESS WHAT?! They MUTED EVERYTHING BUT THE AFTERLIFE MUSIC INTRO !!!! THAT IS RETARDED!! I WILL UPLOAD A NEW ONE ********************************** Just having some stupid fun with Rock Band 2 and my silly creative side ^_^ I obviously play way too much of this game. But hey, I can't help it :D Eye of the tiger - Survivor I want to thank everyone who has ever watched and commented on any of my videos. Thank you for your support and hopefully this one can make your day brighter! 10mins long, so please be patient. Oh, and this is my 100th video ^_^
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