Tongue Kissing During Sex

by: CherryTVcom

8,000 Tongue Kissing - Yay or Nay?? What about during intercourse, does it change they way you kiss and use your tongue in the heat of the moment?? Do you use a lot of tongue or a little? Do you like you/his/her tongue to be used slowly or quickly? Like most things in sex, everyone likes it differently at different times. Listen in to this episode as the women of Cherry TV discuss. And be sure to visit our website (or YouTube chanel CherryTVcom) for awesome videos for women about female sexuality. We discuss sex for women as it really is in all it's amazing, awkward, overwhelming, underwhelming glory. We talk about everything involving women and sex including reaching orgasm, tendency to masturbate, oral sex, anal sex, sexual grooming, intercourse, blow jobs, cunnilingus, vibrators, sex toys, g-spots, clitoris, intercourse, sex positions, penises, vaginas, reverse cowgirl, doggie style, everything
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