The Real Warrior Cats Movie *REMAKE*

by: dewpelt5

PLEASE READ: Yes, believe it! There IS going to be an ACTUAL Warrior Cats Into the Wild Movie based on Erin Hunter's series!!! Coming to theatres around the year 2012, the movie will be featuring CGI (computer generated imagery) cats! As of now, the Erins are starting productions and negotiating with several film companies on the movie issue. It is not known at the moment which film company with be making the movie. Also, the Erins are trying to gather up an animation team. Though a movie not ABSOLUTELY confirmed, it is getting REALLY close! Wanna ensure that there will be a movie? Well, you can help by getting this video as many views as possible to show your support for a Warriors Into the Wild Movie!!!!! Also comment on your opinion of a movie!!! Please, help confirm a Warriors Movie NOW!!!! (For more information or proof of all this, watch the Credits at the end of this video!!) ******************GOALS********************* - Reach 1,000 views by January! **acheived** - Reach 2,000 views by February! **acheived** - Reach 3,500 views by March! **acheived** - Reach 5,500 views by April! **acheived** - Reach 6,000 views by May! **acheived** - Reach 7,500 views by June! **acheived** - Reach 10,000 views by July! **extended** - Reach 10,000 views by August! **achieved** **Our current goal: Reach 13,000 views by September!**
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