Persona 4 - Boss: Shadow Chie

by: omegaevolution

*PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION* So, Yukiko dissapeared in this castle and we went to investigate, but Chie runs off alone and once we found her, it was too late D: not difficult either, though I thank her Shadow for telling me she was aiming for Yosuke lol. I had to stop the video cause of the YT time limit, but the rest of the conversation was about convincing her to go back to save Yukiko later and blah blah blah. PS: ugh too bad I didn't had a persona with Garu, after Yosuke found the weakness I noticed I didn't got a persona with Garu (I just had Pixie with me, which only had Dia), this battle would have been much faster with one lol. --------------------------------------- System: PS2 Lv 5 Expert Rank First Playthrough
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English   shin,megami,tensei,persona,chie,yukiko

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