barname navad, 90TV program, SMS tahrim, Jan. 19, 2009, Adel Ferdousi-pour

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a short video clip of 90 program (or "barname navad"), Iran TV, IRIB Channel 3, broadcast on Monday night, January 19, 2009. This follows the argument and fight between high-ranking Iranian government officials and "barname 90" TV program about criticizing football administrators. Adel Ferdousipour is the host of one of the programs in IRIB TV channels that dare to be slightly independent, and sometimes dare to criticize the government, specifically criticizing Mr. Aliabadi, the vice-president of Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in sports affairs. During the broadcast of the show, the telecommunication companies which are operated by government canceled the SMS messaging service, so that TV viewers can not show their support for "barname navad" and for Mr. Ferdosipour. Also, government-related and government-financed officials, football coaches, referees, etc. banned or, are ordered not to give inteview to "barname navad" program. برنامه نود، عادل فردوسی پور، اس ام اس، تحریم، ورزشی، فوتبال، ورزش، ایران تهران شبکه 3 تلویزیون صدا و سیما
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