AdventureQuest Worlds Gold,exp and REP hack with Aqwacker v1.1

by: changjessica12

6,112 For the gold/exp hack, add these to the Send List separately: %xt%zm%getMapItem%51452%11% %xt%zm%tryQuestComplete%51452%33% For the Rep Hack, add these to the Send List separately: %xt%zm%gar%1%gar%aa%0%m%8% %xt%zm%gar%1%gar%a1%1%m%8% Make sure to click the Add to send list button twice for this code: %xt%zm%restRequest%99%% And remember, you can get free online games (for any online game) upgrades at This is the AdventureQuest Worlds Rep, gold, and exp hacks tutorial. Using AQwacker Pro v1.1 1) If you don't have it already downlod AQwacker Pro v1.1 at 2) Open AQwacker and make sure you have the latest flash player 3) In the top left corner, go to File, then SWF changer 4) A box should pop up, now go here: 5) Take the top URL from that site, and copy it to the URL box in aqwacker. Leave the bottom SWF box alone. Then click ok. 6) The URL box of Aqwacker changes every time the game is updated. So always go here to make sure that you have the most recent URL or the game wont load properly. Gold/Exp Hack 1)Go to Noobshire and Make sure youve already completed Roliths Rat king Quest 2) Now take this code, to copy and paste it in to the box at the bottom left corner. %xt%zm%getMapItem%51452%11% Then click Add to Send List. 3)Now in that same box, replace that code with this new code. %xt%zm%tryQuestComplete%51452%33% Then click Add to Send List. 4) Last step. Go to the right side of AQwacker to where it has a tiny box, and the word spam in it. Click the box and you should start getting gold and Exp Final Notes: Do not sit down and heal or youll stop getting Gold and exp when you go away from keyboard (afk) This hack is kinda slow, but leave it one for a 30 minutes and you should get 200000 gold and exp. These codes are available in the youtube description box, or for download at Rep Hack 1)Go to Noobshire and go to th
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