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Simple proof that impossible is nothing. Featuring a WotLK Heroic, Netherspite (yep Netherspite) and Viscidus. The latter two were supposed to be ~unsoloable~ or whatever you want to call that. Netherspite is... somewhat an exploit, one could argue that's a ~creative use of game mechanics~ but let's face the truth, even if DRW is supposed to work like that, it's still an exploit. Blogs (in french) : Musics used : Koh-Lanta - Résumé Apocalyptica - Hall of the Mountain King Super Smash Brawl - Fire Emblem (Melee) Chrono Trigger - Battle with Magus Super Smash Brawl - SSE Final Battle Koh-Lanta - Générique
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death knight,solo,netherspite,viscidus

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