Sentimental Lady by Bob Welsh covered by Slick Willie Mob

by: stratslinger54

On Sunday, March 1st, it snowed in Columbus, GA, a rare occasion, happens about every 10 years or so. Got some video of it, this time, so I had to sneak a little of Becky & the pup's snow adventure into the next YouTube video. The theme of the song was about Becky, anyway, so it kinda fit perfectly. So I hope you like it. We had a blast making it last Sunday, a week after the snow. Hadn't laughed that hard in a long time, I tell ya! Could'a made a Bloopers reel just from the out takes from this one video!
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9 yrs ago   05:02
English   Classic rock,sentimental lady,bob welsh,fleetwood mac,slick willie mob,oliver quayle

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