Mushi-shi - s1e25 - Eye of Fortune, Eye of Misfortune

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There's no effective way to describe the mushi – They simply are. They simply have been since life first began. As with many other things, man has forgotten how to see. And just as it's difficult to describe the feel or texture of an object to someone who's never held it in his own hands, to one who's never seen the mushi…

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Ginko encounters a wanderer of a different breed, a street musician who sings hauntingly of the mushi. After a moment's conversation he is inspired by her plight. As a child she had no vision, yet now she can see all. Across mountains to distant oceans, past, present and future. Her eyes, infested by the ganpuku the eyes of fortune have been both blessing and curse, and she'll tell all for a price. But when the time comes, take my eyes and bury them deep in the mountains. This I have seen
Science Fiction, Anime, Cartoon
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