Sonic in JAWS

by: Sonicd00d3

PLEASE READ THIS! What would happen if Sonic had to deal with a 25ft great white shark terrorizing Station Square? Find out in: Sonic in JAWS Firstly, I apologize about the delay. I use pinnacle studio 11 and it would not work properly. If you see any scenes of just black, it is the conversion. This video has taken me countless hours and sleepless nights. I worked very hard on it and had lots of frustration. I do hope you all enjoy this, and next time I will not rush as I did this time. You may notice the ending is very fast, that is because Youtube only allows 10 minutes. The next movie remake will be 2 parts. The video was made with the application "Garrys Mod 10" a mod for the source engine. You can get Garrys mod on Steam ( for 10$ as long as you have a source game. (Half Life 2, Counter Strike, ect) so please don't ask The music is © NBC Universal and Rareware™
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